Albelli – Do something with your photos

TV Commercials

Millions of photos are taken every day, but only a few actually get printed. Albelli invites you to do something with your photos to let them live a lifetime.

Together with Achtung! we created a series of five commercials. We set up different everyday scenes showing the ways to do something with your photos: Did you just came home after a wonderful vacation trip? Print the best moments in a book. Or maybe you have a little Picasso as a daughter that likes drawing on the wallpaper? Cover it up with a big canvas print!


Client: Achtung!
Concept + Direction: Mals
Set design + Props: Mals
Live action direction: Mirka Duijn & Nina Spiering
Photographer: Pim Top
DOP: Koen Berkhout
Production: Shop Around