Oranjebitter Festival 2015


Rotterdam’s finest King’s Day festival is Oranjebitter. Back in 2008, a couple of friends started it as a small home party with some local bands. To represent that feeling, they used an image of a granny’s floor lamp as their logo. Over the years the party grew into a full-size festival attended by 10.000 visitors.

For their lucky 7th anniversary we decided it would be best to go with a neon sign theme and upgrade that floor lamp into a tower of light. It took us over 600 light bulbs, 120 meters of cable light and 200 meters of wiring, and we build it entirely by hand.


Client: BPL events
Concept + Direction: Mals
Set Design: Mals
DOP + Edit: Koen Berkhout
Music + Sounddesign: Elephant Ears