Stuffed Animals

Stuffed Animals

Still series

Luiaard Final Forweb V9

At Studio Mals we love bad jokes and good puns. We also love still-life photography.

Put those together and you’ve got a new series. It’s called Stuffed Animals.

Needless to say; We love animals and do not promote or approve of harming them in any way.


Close Luiaard Web 2
Close Luiaard Web
Papegaai Forweb
Panda Forweb
Pauw Forweb
Giraffe Final Forweb
Octo Forweb
Slang Forweb
DSC9140 Forwebstest
DSC9147 Forwebstest
Sprinkhaan Forweb
Muis Forweb
DSC9129 Forwebstest
DSC9131 Forwebtest
Cheetah Final Forweb
Overzicht Final
Overzicht Final White

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