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Glitter and Gold

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The theme for this year’s December special of &C Magazine was Glitter, Gold, and Shine. An issue full of shiny beauty products and golden giveaways.

This editorial series is drowning in different shades of gold. The columns and stands are custom-made to fit the products and balance them perfectly.

The analog photo filters create the soft glow images we needed. Shot in upward angles to establish that extra heroic look and feel. All that glitters is gold!

StudioMals &CMagazine Sonos September
StudioMals &CMagazine CurlingIron September
Mockup Goud Ketting
StudioMals &CMagazine SoapTreatmentStore September
StudioMals &CMagazine Philips September
Mockup Goud Sones
StudioMals &CMagazine IntellHotels September
StudioMals &CMagazine OliveKimono September

Behind the scenes

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BTS Sonos Forweb
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&C GOLD Template 33percent Forweb
&c Gold Template 66percent Forweb
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BTS Krultang2 Forweb
BTS Krultang Forweb
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BTS Soap2 Forweb
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Show credits


&C Magazine

Image Editor

Josselin Bijl

Concept + Photography + Setdesign

Studio Mals

Production Agency

Shop Around

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