A three word love story

Dr. Oetker

A three word love story

This short ‘Three Word Love Story’ tells the tale of a brownie and a cookie getting together.

They meet in a really romantic cabin in the woods in front of a warm and cosy fireplace. The moonlight gets them in the right mood and the result is a beautiful love baby: Brownie + Cookie = Brookie! Ain’t that cute?

Brookies Close01
Brookies Stills NO Subs 01
Brookies Close02
Brookies Stills Square V2
Brookies Stills NO Subs 08

Behind the Scenes

Brookies Bts Night
Brookies Bts Martin
Brookies Bts Overview
Bear Rug Wip
Brookies Bts Martin Night
Brookies Bts Night Hand
Brookies Bts Cookie Pick
Brookies Bts Cookie Point
Show credits




Shop Around


BeingThere + Studio Mals

Direction + Craft

Studio Mals

D.O.P + Post production

Lars Ham


Lars Ham + Studio Mals

Sound design


Voice over

Barry Hay



Craft assistants

Lotte Cremers

Emmy Polkamp

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