To infinity and beyond!

NEMO Science Museum

Life in the universe

The ‘Life in the Universe’ exhibition at the NEMO Science Museum will take you on a voyage of discovery to the farthest corners of the universe.

Past stars many billions of years old, to planets that may or may not be able to support life. On the way, you will also discover where you come from. After all, you are made of the same tiny particles as those distant stars and planets.

We went over the moon and crafted our own universe. Toxic planets, dinosaurs and UFO’ all fly around in this space campaign that is displayed in print, online and movie theatres.

Sunny Nemo
Nemo City 02
Nemo City03

Behind the scenes

NEMO MakingOf 033
NEMO MakingOf 038
NEMO MakingOf 030
NEMO Makingof Plasticplanets
NEMO MakingOf 006
NEMO MakingOf 024
NEMO Makingof Holdingplanets
NEMO MakingOf 046
NEMO MakingOf 074
Show credits


NEMO Science Museum




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Direction + Props

Studio Mals

D.O.P + Post Production

Setreset Films

Voice over

Bob Fosko

Craft assistant

Adrianus Kundert

Sound design


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