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If you like to manage your money the easy way, please ditch those old-school spreadsheets and download Rocketmoney; the all-in-one-finance app.

The app makes it easy to manage your money, cancel unwanted subscriptions, set up budgets, and lower your bills. So you can take control of your finances and start saving, today!

We combined stop-motion techniques with live-action shots. In-camera motion controlled movements and just gorgeous looking set design. Fresh, clean, and well organized. Just like your finances from now on.

Mals RocketMoney BTS 15 Set Design
Tubes Still Result
Slides Final Complete
Calendar Still Result
Mals RocketMoney BTS 44 Set Design
Mals RocketMoney BTS 41 Set Design
Beige Bg Girl Still Result

Behind the scenes

Mals RocketMoney BTS 08 Set Design
Mals RocketMoney BTS 16 Set Design
Mals RocketMoney BTS 01 Making Of
Mals RocketMoney BTS Set Prep V2
Mals RocketMoney BTS 06 Making Of
Mals RocketMoney BTS 36 Set Prep
Mals RocketMoney BTS 40b Set Design
Mals RocketMoney BTS 32 Set Design
Handmodel BTS2 50percent
Mals RocketMoney BTS 27b Set Design
Show credits


Rocket Money

Concept + Direction

Studio Mals

Set Design

Studio Mals

Camera + Lighting

Setreset Films

Edit + VFX + Color

Setreset Films

2D Animation

Randy Beker
Setreset Films

3D Animation

Jasper van Doorn

Music + Sound Design

Sounds by Thomas


Jody @ Dynamic Casting


Melissa @ Handsome Hands


Judith van Dongen


Bernadette van Wijlen

Set Assistant

Romi van der Linden

Production Assistant

Vivian Ronden

Rep. Agent


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