Bring in the spring


The on/off flower service

For Bloomon – the on/off flower-service – we’ve transformed our studio into a flower proof, sun kissed set. Because flowers bathing in sunlight are always better. And a bit of sunlight never hurt anyone, right?

In this commercial we brought spring inside. By using colorful, matching decors build around various Bloomon bouquets we prove they look good in every single room; wherever you might live or whatever colour your wall may be.

Bloomon brings you flowers and Mals brings you the Bloomon-experience. Have a peek inside!

Bloomon Yellow 01
Bloomon Yellow 02
Bloomon Yellow 03
Bloomon Purple 01
Bloomon Pink 02
Bloomon Pink 03
Bloomon Pink 01
Bloomon Orange 01

Behind the Scenes

Bloomon Storyboard V2
Bloomon Orange Tilt 02
Bloomon Orange Tilt
Bloomon Bts Pink 01
Bloomon Bts Pink 02
Bloomon Bts Rig
Bloomon Bts Silas
Bloomon Flower Rain Bts
Bloomon Dead Flowers
Show credits




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Studio Mals


Elmar Janse

Art Direction + Craft

Studio Mals

Edit + Post Production

Bob Embregts


Being There

Behind the Scenes

Marit Kok

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