Shake it like a Polaroid picture


Shake of the Month

Orangina approached Mals to create a unique and quirky campaign for their international social networks. They asked for some crazy ideas so we got started right away.

We created the Shake of the Month concept; twelve short films to show inventive ways to shake the pulp in your Orangina bottle. We got crazy and handmade a newton’s cradle, an actual pinball machine and even a real rollercoaster ride!

  • Nominated ADCN Award
Orangina Pinball Close01
Orangina Pinball Close02
Orangina Pinball Close03
Orangina Rollercoaster Close03
Orangina Rollercoaster Close02
Orangina Looping Still
Orangina Carrousel
Orangina Carrousel Close02
Orangina Carrousel Close01
Orangina Strike Still
Orangina Strike Close01
Orangina Strike Close02

How it's done

Orangina Pinball Makingof01
Orangina Pinball Makingof02
Orangina Pinball Close04
Orangina Pinball Close05
Orangina Strike Bts01
Orangina Looping Makingof01
Orangina Looping Makingof02
Orangina Looping Makingof03
Orangina Looping Makingof04
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Direction + Craft

Studio Mals

D.O.P + Post Production

Setreset Films

Sound design

Elephant Ears

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