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De langste boodschappenlijst


Together with their customers, Tele2 launched the campaign; De langste boodschappenlijst van Nederland.

For every favorite food emoji sent, Tele2 donated €1 to the national food bank. Combined, all those emoji’s formed the longest shopping-list of Holland, with a total of €100.000. With that amount, the food bank was able to provide 20.000 families with a tasty Christmas dinner.

We crafted a custom ticket machine and made a set of three animated GIF’s to complete the campaign.

Tele2 Machine Edit NoTitles1.00 00 10 08 V2
Tele2 Machine Closup
Tele2 Lijst
Tele2 Trukey Still
Tele2 Turkey Glass4x5
Tele2 Cupcake Still02
Tele2 Cupcake Closeup
Tele2 Broccoli Still
Tele2 Broccoli Emoji4

Behind the scenes

Tele2 Bts Machine Mo
Tele2 Bts Machine
Tele2 Bts Machine Parts
Tele2 Bts Machine Lijst
Tele2 Turkey 01
Tele2 Bts Cupcake02
Tele2 Bts Cupcake
Tele2 Machine Closeup02
Show credits

Direction + Craft

Studio Mals

D.O.P + Post production

Setreset Films


Shop Around

Sound design



Annika Braun




Code d’Azur

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