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eHerkenning direct nodig?

Digidentity offers you an online identification service. With this you can log in to public sites or services and conduct your business securely and simply. It’s safe, quick and easy.

By using tactile materials and textures, we made this corporate service look sexy. First, you see the old world. Printing forms, checking boxes and going outside to the mailbox. Very analog. Very slow. Next is the digital world. Fast, easy and simple.

We also brought in the friendliest golden retriever ever. Now who doesn’t love that?

Digidentity Still 18
Digidentity Still 13 V2
Digidentity Still 28 V2
Digidentity Still 32
Composition 02
Composition 03
Composition 04
Composition 01

Behind the scenes

Digidentity Dog Bts
Digidentity Scanner Bts02
Digidentity Scanner Bts01
Digidentity Phone Bts01
Digidentity Passport Bts01
Digidentity Phone Bts02
Digidentity Turner Silas
Show credits


Studio Mals

Set design + Craft

Studio Mals


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Setreset Films

Post + Animation + Color

Setreset Films

Music + Sound design


Graphic design

Total Design




Total Design


Adrianus Kundert
Turner the Dog

Making of

Marit Kok

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