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News platform De Correspondent is known for their high quality journalism and pioneering works in the digital news world. High quality news needs distinctive imagery.

They approached us to create a short editorial film for a collection of articles about facts & figures.

The collection is about the interpretation of figures you read about in the paper. Are they really presented truthfully or do they get manipulated? 

Read the article about the making of  (in Dutch) 


How its' done

Mals DC MakingOf 02
Mals DC MakingOf 04
Mals DC MakingOf 03
Mals DC MakingOf 06
Mals DC MakingOf 07
Mals DC MakingOf 08
Mals DC MakingOf Extra
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De Correspondent

Concept + craft

Studio Mals

D.O.P + Grading

Setreset Films


Malique Mohamud

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