A party for one


Now it's my turn

AndC Lifestyle Mockup

​​​​​​​&C magazine is made especially for women. This issue is all about sex.

More specifically about female pleasure. Research shows that women still don’t always prioritize their own pleasure in the bedroom.

To picture this, we made a series called ‘Now it’s my turn’. It’s focused on the female perspective and goes from breaking free and taking over the power, to having a party for one.

Mals &C Schaken Forweb
AndC Body Mind Mockup
Mals &C Hand Forweb
Mals &C HandBoeien Forweb

Behind the Scenes

Schaken 33percent
Handboeien 66pct
Verven 66pct
Vingers 33percent
Dick 33percent
Spanning 66pct
Show credits


&C Magazine

Image Editor

Jessica Machèn

Photography + Craft

Studio Mals


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