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Festival Tips

Vice called us asking if we’d like to make three fresh commercials for Lipton Ice Tea. We sure would!

They wanted to present solid solutions for three well-known problems you run into when attending a music festival. One: Losing your friends in the crowd, Two: Not knowing which stage to go next to, and worst of all, Three: Who’s buying the next round?

We solved these problems by making incredible machines that inflate balloons, throw the dice and spin the bottle. And of course we made everything by hand.

Lipton Muntje
Lipton Kilo
Lipton Dice
Still Lipton9 Edit
Lipton Flags Close
Still Lipton16
Lipton Carts Close
Lipton Balloon Close
Still Lipton15

Behind the scenes

Still Lipton Crop
Lipton Flags
Lipton Screen
Still Lipton7
Still Lipton6
Lipton Dice Trow
Lipton Balloon Cart Fixed
Lipton Stairs
Lipton Silas Marble
Show credits


Lipton Ice Tea


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Direction + Craft

Studio Mals

D.O.P + Post Production

Setreset Films



Music + Sound design

Sebastiaan @ De Audio

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