Everything is possible at Christmas


Alles kan met Kerst

We didn’t want to make the usual feel good Christmas commercial. There’s more to it than seeing the family and getting stuffed like a turkey. It’s a time when you can do anything and go crazy.

We took the classic Christmas products from HEMA and presented them in a different light. We made a fashionable tuxedo jacket out of wrapping paper and got our favourite Chihuahua a new shiny leash. We ate delicious oliebol flavoured ice cream and created the most badass Christmas mohawk ever!

You see, at Christmas, everything is possible.

HEMA Kerstlampjes 16×9 10
HEMA Kerstlampjes 1×1 04
HEMA Kerstlampjes 16×9 07
Hema Jacket Detail
HEMA Kerstpapier 1×1 05
HEMA Oliebollen 16×9 09
HEMA Kerstpapier 16×9 08

Behind the Scenes

Hema Ideas
Hema Mohawk Bts
Hema Mohawk
HEMA Oliebollen 16×9 10 Crop
Hema Cupcake Bts
Hema Jacket
Hema Jacket Bts
Hema Jacket Onset
Hema Bts Window 02
Hema Bts Window
Show credits




Shop Around

Concept + Direction

Studio Mals


Elmar Janse @ Encrite


Studio Mals

Edit + Post Production

Bob Embregts


Bart van der Elst

Sound design

Elephant Ears

Craft assistants

Adrianus Kundert
Lotte Cremers


Matthias Egelkraut
Jentel Nout
Hector the Chihuahua

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